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Happy 03/04/05

I installed XP last night. Everything seems to be running fine except it takes forever to load. I need to clean up some crap. The only bad thing is that it's not loading the drivers for my old dot-matrix printer. I use that one when I need to print out a bunch of pages. Them ink cartridges be expensive and shit.

I found the letter from prison in the pile of stuff on the mesa. I will scan it and post it. I wish I had saved some prison letters my sister's friend sent me once. He worked in an online record store and frequently received orders from prisoners. They decorated their orders with all kinds of weird drawings and gangsta rap lyrics. It was really funny.

Kitty is helping me reach my goal of becoming a professional fursuiter. She gave my performance resume to her agent who passed it on to a fairly major restaurant chain looking for a mascot in NM. Think on the lines of Chuck E Cheese. *crosses claws*

I hate all of you that posted that Burger King ad yesterday. I have been craving a bacon ranch chicken sandwich all day! I was going to head to BK down the block for lunch, but I just found out that someone is buying pizza for the office today. Whoot!

Kitty did a Google search on "sabotlours" and found an interesting hit. Someone from the Utah Department of Tourism found my LJ and my pics that overzen took of me as Nevada at Arches National Park. He linked back to my LJ. I need to send this guy an email to see if he wants to use my pics for a tourist brochure or something.
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