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The Safety Dance

I got my ass chewed out yesterday by the boss for blowing off Safety Committee meetings. The Safety Committee is supposed to consist of one member from each division and field office where employees can discuss safety issues without the influence of management. I volunteered for the job last year and stopped going because it was a huge circle jerk. The biggest issue was what to buy the employees for safety awards. They also voted on special awards for employees that pointed out safety concerns which were then acted upon. It was a joke. 2 employees confided in me that they submitted each other as a joke to protest the handing out of awards like candy. I happened to miss that meeting but their claim was accepted and they both received awards. I know that I volunteered for the job, but I only did it out of pity because no one wanted to step up. Most had already been through it at some point and were smart enough to hide. I felt that if I volunteer for something, I have the right to pull out if it starts to effect me negatively. That's what I did in this situation, and I got spanked. Upper management used the bullshit line to my boss that "since you're not sending someone to these meetings, you must not care about safety." That's just like saying if you don't support the war on terror, you're supporting the terrorists.

I should have found proxies to go to the meetings in my place. I did that a couple of times. Usually I just forget that a meeting had been scheduled. It was just not important to me. I told my boss flat out that I will never volunteer for anything ever again. I just didn't care anymore. If this was how I would be treated, I will just do my job and nothing else. There are dark clouds on the horizon. There has been a proposal that each division will have a dedicated safety person. It would be written into their job description. Read that as more work for the same pay. I will hide under my desk if the Eye of Sauron looks my way to suck me into that black hole.

So yeah. Yesterday sucked. And then it got worse. Someone found an error in my big annual report. I was pissed. I had fucked up. I had water being stored when none was supposed to be. And the error cascaded to another number which is important for the overall Compact between Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Shit. It was less than 1%, but it was my fuck up. I hate that! I pride myself in my accuracy and I had blown it.

And then I yelled at my Kitty. She called me for no real reason and I snapped at her. So I felt really bad.

And then I was denied a fursuiting gig. I was hoping to be the Easter Bunny for Animal Humane. I hadn't heard back from them after I emailed my willingness to do the event. I re-read the email they sent and realized I missed an important fact. The costume was fitted for someone who was a petite 5'. Fuck. That shoots that gig.

And so I just threw up my paws and turned on my chat programs. Thanks to theome for pouncing me and cheering me up. The day started an upswing from there. It was a wonderful evening. It was so warm I was able to take Anubis for a walk without wearing a jacket. Later that night I got online and had a wonderful first chat with the uber-friendly fauxpawroo. What a sweetie. And so I ended the day on a high note.

BTW, did anyone see the season premier of South Park? OMG! And it had furry undertones! Kyle's dad had dreams of becoming a dolphin. And his dreams come true! (in the truly sick and twisted ways of South Park)
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