Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Wild, Whacky, Weather and Water in the West

Ah. You just gotta love Springtime in the Rockies. On Saturday it was close to 70. I was out working in the yard, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, and getting the outside water and sprinkler system fired up and ready. Yesterday it started off nice, but it slowly got cloudy and windy. There was a bit of thunder and lightning by dinnertime. Today I wake up and hear that I-40 is closed east of here due to snow. They are predicting upwards of 12" to the north of here. And I'm lovin' it!

Since 1999 when I started working in this office it has been nothing but drought. I should get a t-shirt that reads "I survived the drought of 2002." From a hydrology standpoint, it couldn't get much worse. And now I look at this year and do the happy hydro-bear dance. The streamflow forecast is for almost 150% of normal. My jaw dropped when I saw some of preliminary model runs. We might get some of our reservoirs back up to full. I might even have to deal with flood operations. That's great! I could use some experience. This is pretty typical of historic drought cycles. The 20-30 year cycle is very dry, but there are years within that time period where there can be significant flooding. So I might not have to struggle to keep the river flowing this Summer. The struggle will be to manage the water we have as wisely as possible.

If you live in the West and want to check out the snow conditions in your state. CLICK HERE

You can also check on the forecast for flows in the major river basins of the West AT THIS SITE

Damn! It looks like the Northwest will be farting sand this year.

EDIT: It's snowing like a mofo out there right now. I hope I can make it home in a decent amount of time. Going for walkies should be fun tonight.
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