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Gore, Vore, and More

As I enjoyed my day off yesterday I got to witness raw nature. While sitting at my computer with the window blinds up so I could enjoy the snowy scenery, I noticed a flurry of activity. Birds were fleeing my yard in a frantic fashion. I then noticed a Cooper's hawk soaring into the neighbor's yard. It soon hopped its way into my yard. It looked like it had a purpose. It hopped under a bush and came out with something in its talons. It was a bird. The raptor flung the bird on the ground and proceeded to rip it to shreds. It was awesome to watch through binoculars. It was only about 30' from the window. After an hour with its gullet nicely bulged, it took off. I went outside to see the grim site. It appeared that it had been a dove. Since I only found one wing, it is possible that the hawk had been carrying it and dropped it while in flight. I took a few pics of the incident.

The Cooper's Hawk

The remains

And on a much brighter note, here are some more snow pics. I measured about 5" in the yard.

The measurement


And since you all asked for it....

And now I am off to Socorro for an emergency drill exercise. I hope to meet up with tenax for lunch.
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