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Two weeks ago after our "big" snowfall, the local morning weatherman asked viewers to send in pics of the storm's aftermath. I sent in the pic of Nevada which was posted in THIS ENTRY. The next morning I watched the news and was disheartened to see that the weatherman was going to be on vacation for a week. Oh well. I got a surprise yesterday when a co-worker walked by and said he saw my polar bear on the news that morning. Damn! I had missed it by about 5 minutes! I told Kitty who was at home and she clicked on the news. They were re-broadcasting the morning show and she was able to just catch a glimpse. I checked my email inbox and there was a message from the weatherman saying that he was going to air my pic. I sent him a reply telling him that he probably knows me as Zunipup since he does a lot of work with Animal Humane. And speaking of Zunipup, I finally got a gig! *bounces happily* There is a children's fair at the Convention Center. It sounds like a great event, and I have Kitty here to be handler/photographer.
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