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Fursuitin?!? For Certain!!!

It's amazing how stuff happens after I publish. I was just about to sign off last night when I saw that Scruff E. Coyote signed on. He was a fursuiter I had met at Confurence that really had his sh*t together in terms of fursuit performance. Unfortunately, we didn't connect until we were both leaving. *sigh* such are cons. Anyways...we chatted until about 1 a.m. about fursuiting stuff. It must have had an impression, because I had a"furry dream." Unfortunately it wasn't a true furry dream with me as a bear or meeting a bear, but rather a dream full of humans at a furry con. We chatted about such pressing issues as where to eat lunch and if we should wait for so-and-so to come down from his room. The "highlight" of the dream was where I was wearing a new fursuit, but the tail had been sewn onto the front of the suit. Kinda like going to school in you underwear, or nekkid.
So today I did my fursuiting gig at the Rio Grande Nature Center. It was a whole hell of a lot of fun! I set my own 2 records today: longest time in suit...5 hours. Worst conditions to suit...90 degres F. I don't know how much I sweat throughout the day, but lets just say that it was A LOT! That was the comment I heard the most today, "You must be SO hot in that suit!" D'uh! But it's my passion, so it didn't really matter! I almost overheated once today. Right before noon I got nauseous. I immediately retreated to the visitors center and chugged a half gallon of water. I also opened up the suit to get some cool air on my body. After about 20 minutes, I was back outside greeting the public! All of this is valuable experience!
So that's it for today! *HUGS* to all reading it!
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