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A weekend to remember

I wrote last week that we should all love life and live it to the fullest. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it struck a chord in many other people. This last weekend was a prime example of loving life, loving those around me, and being loved in return. It was a wonderful time.

On Staurday I had my first fursuiting gig of the year. I performed at the Children's Fair as Zunipup for Animal Humane. Kitty and I got to the Convention Center by 11 a.m. and I went to suit up backstage. The stage was set up with a backdrop that said "Bear Jam." I was surprised to find a few bear fursuits backstage. It turned out that there was a performance troupe called "The Giggle Bears" that was going to do shows throughout the day. I talked with one of the performers and got contact info to submit a resume. It sounds like they are a group similar to the Raggs group that some furs in CA perform with. They were a pretty nice group, even letting me partake in their fan when I went to take breaks.

The event was a lot of fun. Of course there were lots and lots of kids. Quite a few parents had cameras. I gave out lots of hugs. There were no unruly kids and only a few criers. One kid kinda freaked me out. He looked like he was smiling so I went right for him to give him a hug. He started crying and screaming. I felt really bad because I thought I read him wrong. Kitty later told me that he was, in fact, smiling and wanting a hug but just freaked out. I've never had a kid flip like that. And as the parent took him away he wanted the doggy. *head spins* I stayed near the Animal Humane booth for most of the event. They eventually brought a real dog to be by the booth. Scooby didn't know what to think about Zuni at first. He barked and wanted nothing to do with me. Slowly he warmed up and within a few minutes was using me as a chew toy. All in all I suited for about 3 hours. I was really wiped out. The only bad part was that my dressing area was taken over by several dance troupes that were also performing on stage. The wonderful convention staff let me change in the first aid area.

Normally that would have been enough to make a wonderful day, but the day was just getting stated. After getting home, showering, and grabbing a bite to eat, feralmuse and her b/f litnapalm showed up and we all drove down to Socorro to see tenax perform in "Jason and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." There was quite a good turnout to see the performance. overzen had flown in to see his coon perform, and Illinois coon linnaeus happened to be in the state on vacation, so he stopped by as well. Also in attendance was rexar and his g/f project122, ari_foxy, and kit_foxy. It was a good time. The musical was not one of Andrew Lloyd Weber's greatest IMHO, but it was nice to see Tenax up on stage having a great time.

Afterward we all headed over to Coon Hollow for a little furmeet. It was then that I realized what awesome friends I have. When I walked in the door there was a banner that said "Happy Birthday" on it. Everyone was staring at me with goofy grins on their faces. I was a bit puzzled since my b-day wasn't for 3 weeks. Well, since my Kitty and Zen were in from out of town, they all decided to have a party for me a few weeks early. I was floored. They had been scheming and planning behind my back for weeks beforehand. It did my heart wonders, knowing that I had such awesome furiends. It was that crystal clear beauty of loving and being loved. And so we partied until 1 a.m. (which was really 2 a.m. thanks to DST) playing Karaoke Revolution and Katamari. Kitty and I got back home at 3 and we crashed hard.

Sunday morning I sent Kitty on her way back to LA and I spent the day hanging out with Linnaus. I still haven't recovered from the weekend. It was definitely one for the books.

Oh! And I suppose you would like a few pics from the fursuiting event. Who am I to argue?

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