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Team Building---The aftermath

Surprisingly the day didn't suck. There were a couple of exercises which were lame, but there was also some fun stuff. Even the potluck lunch was pretty good. About the only thing that really sucked was that it finished at my usual quitting time and I still had an hour drive back to the office. I think I'll sneak out a little early today.

The one thing I liked about the day was that I got a little insight on how I am perceived in the office. I take pride in being the weirdo or class clown. I found out from my boss that she likes that quality in me. I am able to laugh at myself and the stupidity around me. I can find humor in bad situations. It's a nice feeling to know that I can be me.

For our final exercise we had to come up with a brief skit about what we do. I guess my reputation as a performer must be very well known because everyone turned to me to develop an idea. Within seconds I came up with a skit that everyone loved. Basically, I played water and other people played reservoirs or water users. I made my way through the system until farmers and endangered species fought over me. It was pretty darn good for about 10 minutes of preparation.
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