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Orbit's Birthday Bash

Saturday night marked another milestone in my fursuiting career. I got to suit in front of several thousand people. I am also very proud of myself for pulling this thing off. I saw a bunch of mascots in the newspaper last year at Isotopes Park and told myself that I would be there next year. A few well placed emails later and I was given the chance to perform. So let me tell of the experience.

I'll tease with a pic.

I arrived at 5:30 with my friend Gary who would be my handler. I had received a call from tenax saying that he couldn't find a handler for himself. Fortunately Gary's daughter had wanted to come to the game, so she agreed to be Tenax's handler. The Isotopes wanted the mascots to be representatives of some business or organization, so he couldn't do Ralph. He was, however, offered the opportunity to be a giant chili pepper. Since he's as big a performance slut as I am, he seized the opportunity. You might recall from last year that Tenax has a thing for red chili.

We were brought to a room where all of the other mascots were suiting up. As well as Orbit, the Isotopes' mascot, in attendance were Louie and Lucy Lobo from UNM, Coca-cola bear, Bank of the West bear, Stanley Scorpion from the New Mexico Scorpions hockey team, ABC Seamless Siding Duck, Sparky the Firedog, 2 Baskin & Robbins sundaes, the United Blood Services blood drop, and the New Mexico Chili Growers Association red and green chilis. There was also a taco.

It was great to yerf with the other performers. I talked a lot with the guy who performed as the Bank of the West Bear. His suit is very similar to Sabot and even more similar to u_t_tiger. My friends mistook him for me at the Balloon Fiesta 2 years ago. He was a fun guy (and my gaydar was going off big time!) I also yerfed alot with Orbit. He recalled meeting me last year when we both performed at a street party. I was also able to get the lowdown from Stanley Scorpion as to whether they are looking for extra performers. He said that he was, indeed, quitting and they will be looking for 3 people to play the character next season. Oh yeah. You can bet my fuzzy butt will be at the audition.

We would be making 2 performances on the field. One would be to just ham it up and play funny inflatable musical instruments. The 2nd time would be to present Orbit with his birthday cake and to get the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday." If we wanted to, we could also participate in the chili race which is a standard event. The red and green chili race the taco from 1st base to 3rd. They usually have 2 fans play the parts, but Tenax would be one tonight. We were also free to work the crowds before and during the game.

I suited up right away and greeted the fans as they came in through the 3rd base gate. The weather was absolutely perfect! There was a stiff breeze blowing in through the gate, so I was able to perform comfortably for over an hour. I also got to experience something new. Kids were wanting to get my autograph! I was blown away! They even wanted me to sign baseballs! What was even more amazing was that I was able to do it with my paws. Wow! That was so cool! It was great to work the gate with the 2 bears. The kids were very happy to get so many fuzzy hugs. I saw Louie Lobo working the top of the dugout, so I went down there as well after he moved on. Right after the National Anthem we all retreated to the dugouts. Half of us were at the 3rd base side and the other half on the 1st base side. I lucked out and got to hang out with Orbit.

We all popped our tops and just hung out at the end of the dugout tunnel until the 2nd inning. We then all went out onto the field for a brief introduction and to do our little musical number. There was a great cheer from the crowd and we were clueless as to what happened. It seems that over on the 1st base side, Stanley got a little fresh with Lucy, and Louie came to the rescue. A furpile ensued. Damn! I missed it! We all went back into the tunnel and hung out until the 4th inning when we went back out to do the Happy Birthday number. For this we were all brought together. After that, I decided to make my way to the 1st base side where the chili race would start at the bottom of the 5th. As I worked my way through the crowd I noticed the attitude of the fans had changed. They had had 4 innings to drink beer. I was pounced and snugged by a nicely toasted woman. There were more guys yelling, "Yo! Dog!" wanting high 5's (and even a hug). We finally made it to the dugout tunnel which was for the visiting team, in this case, the Iowa Cubs.

While we were hanging out at the end of the tunnel, a boy walked up to me and asked if I had worked the Children's Fair the week before. I was a bit flustered because I had popped my top. Oh no! I violated Rule #1 in fursuiting!!! His mother was there and saw that I was flustered. She just laughed. The boy's dad was Stanley Scorpion. There was a flurry of activity in the dugout area and we heard that one of the Cubs had collapsed with some sort of seizure. The game stopped and paramedics were called. After about 30 minutes he was wheeled out and the game restated. The only bad thing was that the fans had 30 more minutes to drink beer. From what we heard, they were getting pretty rowdy, even taunting the downed player. Not cool.

When I went out for the chili race, I could tell that the fans were a lot more rowdy. There were lots of shouts of "Who let the dog out?" and "Woof woof woof!" I ran the race and came in last. Oh well. I'm a slow dog. I decided that I was done suiting for the night. There was no way I was going to go back out into the sloshed fans. Instead I de-suited and enjoyed a big slice of Orbit's ice cream cake. Tenax and I yerfed with Orbit some more and then we decided to call it a night. It was now after 9 and we were starving. We all headed over to Fudds for a celebration dinner.

And now.....PICS!

Maybe I should do the Baby Elephant Walk like Homer!

Look, Ma! I'm actually on the field!"

Yay for hugs!

You want MY autograph?!?

More cute kids!

He could be Sabot's brother!

Almost as cute as Nevada...almost

Louie Louie! Ohh ohhh. We gotta go.

And now an intimate moment with Orbit

Everybody but Zuni who was just off to the left. D'oh!

The great chili race! Notice the dog bringing up the rear. D'oh!

A couple of Orbit fanboys
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