Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Let the river run!

I had a meeting with the National Weather Service on Friday. It seems we have now experienced the wettest 3-month period in 150 years. Woohoo! The forecast is for a great runoff season. The mountain streams started to kick in last week, but the weekend cold snap shut things down again. I cranked up the release from our reservoir to start passing the increased flow. This should be a fun year. I have experienced one of the worst drought years, and now I might get to experience a flood year. Good stuff.

I have to make a public presentation tonight regarding our proposed operations. I also have to do one in Taos on Thursday and Chama next Monday. That should keep my fuzzy butt busy.

And I forgot to mention 2 people that were at my early birthday party last week, skitzycat and his g/f shimmerfox. Skitzy presented me with a sketch he did for me. It was really sweet. He was inspired by my April Fool's post (friends locked). Here's his interpretation of Fox Tail Follies.
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