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A Series of Fortunate Events

I like to get nostalgic a lot, especially as I look back over my 2+ years in the fandom. It has truly changed my life. Where I was once stagnant and looking into a black future, I now have a life ahead of me full of wonderful possibilities. Of course that is because of the people I have met. It's the people that have made this experience so wonderful, and I like to talk about them as much as possible. Some of this story has been told by me before. Forgive the re-run if you have heard this before in some form or another.

I was looking at the calendar and remembered that it was about 2 years since my first furry con, Confurence. It was right after my birthday so it must have been around April 25th. I started thinking about all of the events that lead up to the con. I was a cub in the fandom back then. I had been clinging to camstone's tail on a.l.f. as I tried to make my way in the scary new forest I found myself in. While running up to as many fursons as I could, clinging to their leg and asking with big cubby eyes, "Friend?" and at the same time beating back trolls, I discovered a young fox who was also new to the forest.

In the first of many fortunate events I engaged in a little role play fun with the fox. I adopted a character of the Homestead's drunk bear. It was not far from reality, but I kicked it up a few notches until I was something like Otis from "The Andy Griffith Show." I was always drinking, drunk, or passed out. In one magical post I was passed out on the floor and the drunken fox staggered over to me and threw up. I then cleaned myself off with his tail. From this little role-play, a friendship was born. The fox was dexter_fox.

We soon began chatting nightly on AIM. It was the highlight of my day to come home and have a long chat session. It was about this time that I started to think about attending my first con. I had heard so much about furry conventions that I just HAD to go to one. I had just missed FC and AC was so far away. I decided to take the plunge.

This was a terrifying thing to me. I knew no one. What if the con sucked? Was it worth the several hundred dollars to go? What if everyone hated my just-arrived fursuit (Sabot)? If I only knew one person there! Wait! Dexter is from LA! And so I worked on convincing Dex to attend. He, himself, was new to the fandom and unsure of its trappings. Finally he agreed when I got him a free membership. Yay! I was set! If the con sucked, I at least had someone to hang out with for a couple of days.

I had met another young fur on a.l.f. His name was bungle_bear. We had several chats together, but with him being in England, the time difference made chatting difficult. In another fortunate event I decided to turn on AIM while manning the office at Wildlife West. It was a boring Saturday and there was not a lot to do. I was pounced by Bungle and we started chatting. He mentioned that he had been contacted by a bear from LA who had a really nice fursuit. He directed me to his webpage and, indeed, it was an awesome bearsuit! Through a fortunate event, Bungle had put on his website that he would do free commissions. This bear saw that and contacted him to get a commission.

So now I knew of this bear and sent him an email introducing myself. The bear was albear. He was a very friendly bear and we exchanged emails. It turned out that he was, in fact, going to Confurence. Hooray! I know another fur!

When I arrived at the hotel, it was dead. I was worried. I called Dex and we met FTF for the very first time. Having never seen him before I had nightmarish visions of a slobbering fanboy. Nope. All fears were put away. He was downright sezzeh! Within a few minutes of meeting I was pounced and lifted off the floor by some unseen force. It was Al giving me one of his patented bear hugs! And so all three of us met on that day in April in the lobby of the Burbank Hilton. The course of all of our lives was changed forever after that. It was all through a wonderful series of very fortunate events.
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