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How not to spend a Friday night

I was supposed to go to a bar with my friend Gary after work, but I was "Mr Short Term Memory Loss" and accidentally blew him off. I had a to-do list floating around in my head and totally forgot about it. D'oh. It should be o.k., though. Gary is worse of a scatterbrain than me. What I did get accomplished was taking in my aluminum for recycling ($7.00 for a garbage can full. whoopie.), getting a tank of propane for the grill ("Taste the meat, not the heat, that's my motto"---Hank Hill), taking all of my glass to the recycling bin (I had visions of getting into an accident and being filled with shards of broken glass), and stopping at the Hallmark store for a card. Yet another Hallmark store is closing. Pretty soon I'll have no place to buy cards! I picked up a few more bear ornaments at 60% off for the Xmas tree.

After walking Anubis I threw a marinated chicken breast on the grill. Costco boneless/skinless breasts are great for stir fry but lousy as a main course. It tasted like chicken you could get at McDonalds. I had a martini and watched South Park. I felt myself getting very tired and crashed on the sofa. The next thing I knew I was waking up at 11:30 >.< I wasn't even drunk. I just passed out. Bleh. I went upstairs and chatted with tiggycat and sciucaro for a bit. I was in that halfway world of wanting to sleep and not being able to sleep. Finally I crashed. Now this morning I slept past 8 which is a major thing for me, especially being harassed by the cat and dog to be let out.

It's a beautiful day! All the windows are wide open for the 1st time this year. I'll probably go outside and pull weeds and get the garden ready for planting. I would hit the garden centers today, but they're probably zoos.

I finally re-watched "Natural Born Killers." I saw a lot of elements of "Kill Bill." I then saw that "NBK" was written by Quentin Tarentino. I think he liked a lot of the elements that Oliver Stone used in the flick. I read that Q got pissed at Stone for doing a lot of rewrites to his story. I wonder if there is any bad blood between them.
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