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Hydrologic Philosophy

If a hydrologist makes a presentation in Chama and there is no one there to hear, does he still make a sound?

What is the sound of one hydrologist yapping?

As you can guess from my post, not a single person turned out for my presentation last night. I blame our "public affairs" person. She said she sent out the notice, but didn't bother to see if anyone actually published it. Stupid bitch. No wonder she lost her job as the public affairs person.

But there were a few silver linings!

I got to see elk, deer, and even a fox!

The Rio Chama was flowing wonderfully and the surrounding mountains are still full of snow!

The trans-mountain diversion tunnel is flowing at capacity and it's only mid-April! Normally it peaks in late May/early June!

I got to have a wonderful trout dinner last night and a delicious breakfast burrito this morning!

The office manager in Chama told me his wife (whom I had dinner with last night) thinks I'm a wonderfully loco guy. He told me that he hates gophers and that if I ever dressed up as a gopher, he would shoot my ass. *LOL*

Stay furry!
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