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How does my garden grow?

So far 8 tomato plants, 12 peppers, and 4 cucumber.

I hit the garden center at Wally World and picked up some plants and seeds. It seems like every year I wait until late May to get things planted. I decided to get a jump on things this year. I'm betting all my chips that we won't have another frost. That's one of the hard things about predicting desert weather. Because the air is so dry, we have huge temperature swings. 30-40 degree differences from daytime to nighttime are not uncommon. I'm just looking at the daily weather report I get from one of our dams. The high was 69. The low was 25.

I'm almost out of room in my little garden plot and I still need to plant some zucchini, watermelon, and butternut squash. Maybe I'll make another attempt at reclaiming some land I tried to plant 5 years ago. That was a total disaster! I had run into an unforeseen problem; quail. One day I planted around 20 pepper and tomato plants. The next day there were none. WTF?!? I at first thought it was gophers. After more plants disappeared I rigged up a video surveillance system. I watched the tape and saw a whole covey of quail hop over the fence and snip off all of the baby plants before walking away. I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it. The following years I erected a quail barrier made of pvc pipe and chicken wire. That worked. I only built enough to keep the birds out of a small portion of the garden. I haven't seen as many quail in years past, so maybe I should try to plant again in the unprotected area. Right now my biggest concern has turned to Skookum. The crazy cat likes to roll in the dirt. She also likes to use the area as her litter box. Maybe if I keep everything wet she won't like to use it.

Hopefully in 2-3 months I will be writing about the bounty that the garden has produced. Either that or tales of battle with hornworms.
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