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Something for my birder buddies

I saw the coolest thing yesterday while sitting on the patio drinking coffee. A large shadow of a bird crossed the yard, followed by another. I went to see what type of birds they were and was pleased to see a beautiful hawk. I'm terrible with identifying raptors in flight so I have no idea which species. The other bird was either a very large crow or a raven. They were soaring in tandem! At first I thought the crow was mobbing the hawk, but they just flew side by side. Once in awhile the crow would sort of fly into the hawk and they would tussle a bit, but soon they just resumed their flight. They would fly separately for a period of time but eventually hook back up. This lasted for a good 5-10 minutes. I actually shot some grainy footage using my digital camera. I don't want to anthropomorphize too much (but I'm furry so I can't resist *smiles*), but it looked like the 2 were playing! Their little tussles didn't look aggresive at all. More like 2 friends playfully pushing each other. I've seen small birds mob raptors before and this was nothing like that. Is this a common behavior? All I know was that it was pretty darn cool to watch.
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