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Heaven help me

Last night was the most intense night of chats I have ever experienced! It started about 5p and ran until after 10, non-stop! Here is the Reader's Digest Version:

Hey! Great to see you again! Hey! Yeah! I hope to see you this weekend! Hi there! How are you! Oooo! yiff yiff yiff! Don't know where I'm staying. I can stay with you? Cool! Oh Hi! I can stay with you? Cool! Hi! Yeah, I hope to be at the party. Oops! What did I say? I'll have to mend that bridge. Hi! O.K. you're signed up for the ALF dinner at AC. Can you drive me to his place to stay? Cool! Yeah! I hope to see you too. *hug* Al Bear is on? You'll pick me up? I'm buying dinner! O.K. You're signed up for the ALF dinner. See you at AC. Sorry about what I said. Are we good? O.K. see you tomorrow. Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! *collapses*

I then realized that I hadn't eaten dinner nor walked the dog. It was only 10:30. So I climbed the mesa and went for a starlight walk. I kept asking myself if what I was doing was the right thing. I looked up and saw Ursa Major in all of its brilliance. Yeah. A sign from the bear. I smiled. When I got to the top of the mesa I was blown away by yet another good sign. Off to the northwest, just above the horizon was the crescent moon in a beautiful orange glow that illuminated the entire disk, just barely. I watched it set below the silhouette of the low volcanoes that mark the western horizon. A beautiful site and a good sign.

So now I'm ready to meet my furiends and have a wonderful weekend. I am currently wearing my coon tail here at work. Woot! I've gotten great comments. It's great to be a flaming furry!
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