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The answer: Cartoons

Thank you all for helping to make my LJ a fun and interesting place. I'm not a comment slut, but it does make me happy to see a discussion get started. I love to hear the variety of opinions and views out there. Like I mentioned earlier, hopefully by my being open about a lot of things, you get to know me. By your responses, I get to know you. I'm all about making friends, baby.

So I've come to the conclusion that one of the biggest factors influencing my fetishes is cartoons. I watched a ton of t.v. when I was growing up, and so I blame Warner Brothers and Disney for helping to shape who I am. Damn their cartoons with shrink rays, growth formulas, transformations, and evil plans to turn everyone into babies/dogs/statues/2-dimensional beings. Pinocchio sucks for showing how much fun it could be to be in the belly of the whale or turned into a donkey. Was Bugs Bunny sexy when he dressed up as a girl bunny? I'd hit it!!

Gah! I'm having flashbacks to the Banana Splits! Precious Pup! Atom Ant! Magilla Gorilla! Squiddly Diddly! Breezly Bruin! How about that weird live action/animation combo of Huckleberry Finn?

That's it! I want to be a cartoon! Take me to "Cool World" only don't make it suck so badly! Take me to world of Roger Rabbit! Oh! If only life could be like a cartoon.

That's all folks!
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