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The Stoda Principle

I sometimes reference "The Stoda Principle" in some of my posts. It refers to a comment made by my friend stoda over a year ago about how all furry posts seem to be either about sex or food. Since I tend to write about such topics, I tended to agree. I know a lot of my friends write about what restaurant they went to or what they put together from the stuff they found in their fridge.

As of late, however, it seems that I have been noticing other subjects appearing much more than food or sex. I decided to challenge The Stoda Principle. It seemed like the topics of sleep, computers, and music were talked about much more than food or sex. I went to the last 65 posts of my friends and came up with the following conclusion.

# of posts that contained

Sex: 1 (thanks to freakylynx's post of a yiffy comic *fap fap fap*
Food: 1 (a mention of a chicken dish found at Trader Joe's)
Music: 1
Computers: 5

No posts contained multiple elements.

And so now we have the Sabot Hypothesis that most furry posts are about sleep (or lack of it) and Computers. I would also propose that movies and video games could also be major contributors.
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