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Weekend with tenax

This was one of those weekends that you file away in your brain and retrieve when you're feeling blue. In other words, it was a wonderful weekend.

It started on Saturday morning as I drove down to Socorro with Anubis. We got to the coon hollow at 9:30. Anubis played with Bob and Ivory while I helped Tenax get Ralph loaded into the Furmobile. Soon we were off to a local city park where they were having a family-friendly event for kids as part of Child Abuse Awareness Month. They had a nice pop-up trailer for us and soon I emerged as Sabot and Tenax as Ralph. We donned anti-drug t-shirts provided to us by the group that was sponsoring us. Mine had a couple of bears on it with the message "Drugs are not a bear necessity of life." For pretty much the whole time we hung out at their tent posing for Polaroid pictures which were provided by the organization. We occasionally went out and worked the crowd. I even got to jump rope in suit. No easy task, let me tell ya! It was a perfect day for suiting with temps in the 60's with a light breeze (and the occasional blast). We stayed in suit for just about 3 hours. We had to stop when they ran out of film. We had posed for 200 pictures! On the way back to the trailer, the hungry bear stopped off for a few free hot dogs.

We desuited and headed down south to take a look at some of the flooding on the Rio Grande. I showed Tenax a back way into an area where there is a railroad bridge across the river. The bridge is a major concern for us since the river has aggraded 15'+ over the past decades. Where we used to be able to pass 20,000 cubic feet per second (cfs), we are now limited to about 5,000. The road in was flooded, so we hiked down the tracks. I think Tenax really enjoyed doing that. We even walked across the bridge, but I was fearful of a "Stand By Me" moment. I snapped some pics and we were on own way back home.

I showered while Tenax zipped over to his barber for a haircut. When he returned we had a mini "Firefly" marathon after dinner. I don't know what it is about that show. The plots are pretty simplistic, but there are always enough twists and turns to keep things fresh. They have really good character development as well. Let's hope that doesn't get lost when "Serenity" hits the theaters later in the year.

Just before midnight we headed over to New Mexico Tech where Tenax took my virginity. I had taken his fursuit virginity and now it was his turn to pop one of my cherries. You see, I had managed to go 40 years without ever seeing "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." I knew of it. I had seen clips. I even knew some of the songs, but I had never seen the whole thing with the people acting out the parts. So I had a big "V" painted on my forehead with lipstick, marking me as a virgin. So yes, I was deflowered. It was a great time. I would definitely do it again. Hey! Any excuse to wear a fishnet body stocking in public ;o) (OK overzen, make your comment now.)

And BTW, skitzycat looks teh sexxeh in a dress!
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