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The Movies that Define a Generation

Kitty and I went to go see "Kung Fu Hustle" on Friday. I noticed that yet another movie has incorporated "bullet time" into its FX. It got me to thinking just how influential "The Matrix" has been. I would say that that movie will be the one that people will remember as "their" movie when they are old and grey. For me it would have to be "Star Wars." It totally redefined special effects and has an almost mythical quality built around it. I still remember seeing the commercial for the 1st time. I saw Luke in his tights swinging across the chasm with Leia and I thought, "This is going to be a really stupid movie!" *lol* OK, I missed with that one.

So I wondered what would be some other movies that perhaps defined generations. "Easy Rider?" "Casablanca?" "The Wizard of Oz?"

There are also movies from my childhood that I don't consider classics, but they are very special to me. I can watch them today and think of happy times. The 2 that pop into my head are "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." I'm almost afraid to see the remake of Willy Wonka for fear it will tarnish a fond childhood memory. I also find it interesting how sometimes your perception changes over time. When I was a child I used to look forward to Easter. Why? They always showed "The Ten Commandments" on t.v. I loved that movie! I recently caught a bit of it on t.v. and thought, "OMG! Charlton Heston was a terrible actor!" Also, turning the Bible into a big budget Hollywood extravaganza was just wrong. I hope "The Passion" doesn't start that trend again.

It's also amusing when you think about Academy Award winners. Does anybody remember "The English Patient?" I have a feeling that people will quickly forget about "Million Dollar Baby."

So, I'm curious as to other's movie experience. What movie will you look fondly back on in 20 years? What was a movie that defined your childhood. I know most of you are furry so I am expecting lots of "Disney's Robin Hood" as answers :o)
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