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2 Years, 2 Posts

I nearly forgot. Today marks my 2 year anniversary on LJ *throws confetti* Once again I have to thank cnipur for telling me LJ was a great way to meet new folks *snugs a kittyphin* and thanks to feralmuse who was known as Emberflowers when she gave me an account. You remember the good old days when you had to get someone to give you a free account? So here I am pushing 300 "friends of." That's the important number. You could be a serial adder and have 1,000 friends, but if no one friends you back.....LOSER! *chuckles*

I remember chatting with mr_silvers when I first got my account. I was amazed that he put such personal stuff in his LJ. I could never imagine doing that! And yet here I am writing about things like fetishes and wanting to yiff the world. *lol* I suppose I should go back and read some of my angstier posts. It's amazing what a loving relationship can do to limit the angst.

I have never been able to keep a diary. Yet here I am writing about something personal almost on a daily basis. Go figure. It's been fun. I love reading about the lives of my friends. I hope they enjoy lurking into mine. Hopefully there will be another year filled with joy and excitement.

Drama can be sooooo funny sometimes
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