Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Cali-fur-nia Here I Come!

I'm off to Califur today after work. I will be taking Amtrak. I was able to get a free ticket with my "frequent train" club. I'm going coach, meaning I will be with the rabble. Thank doG Kitty loaned me her portable dvd player. I'll be Kill Billin' across the desert. The original plan was for Kitty and I to drive back together next Tuesday. Well, she ended up getting a singing gig so I had to find my own way back home. I checked Southwest and a one-way ticket was $200! WTF!?! I called up Amtrak and I could go first class for the same price. Yes, it takes 10x longer, but it is soooo relaxing. Plus I get meals in the dining car included. Plus, I'm a train nut! So it's all good.

I'm looking forward to seeing my furry family in So Cal. It's so funny. I met so many wonderful furs down there starting at Confurence '03. Thanks to meeting Al, Dex, and Carol, I have made several trips there over the past 2 years. I got to experience the famous parties at Tess'. I met still more furs on each visit. It has been truly great! I have heard that a large contingency of SoCal furs will be making the trek to FurCentral in November for my Albu-turkey celebration. That is sooo cool! those that are going...I shall see you Friday! To those that are not, I shall hopefully see you at AC in 1.5 months. If not then, then Sept at MFM. If not then, then Nov at MFF. If not then....then you really need to get to a furcon! *grins*
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