Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Califur Con report

Wow! A week since I posted last! That has to be some kind of record! I could have posted from the Kitty Den, but I wanted to prove I wasn't that much of an LJ slut *grins*

So what can I say about Califur? It was great to see all of my wonderful friends again. It was a relaxicon. I assisted Kitty in running the con feed and hospitality suite. We received many kudos and were asked to do it again next year. It was the first time I have ever been on staff, and it was fun. It may be the start of something.

Some of the highlights:
Great room party on Friday night. It was sort of a fetish party. I locked a few folks up in restraints and there was much tickling and snuggling. There was some foot fetish action as well. The names and pictures will be hidden to protect the guilty.

Great room party on Saturday night. Things started off very slow. A few of us were watching "Drawn Together" on albear's laptop. I started to fade and went off to take a shower. I emerged from the bathroom wearing a pink leotard and found myself in the middle of a revived room party with none other than 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Jeff Goode, writer of "American Dragon" on the Disney Channel. 2 said that he could only stop by for a few minutes. Well, a few minutes turned out to be 90. I had a great chat with Jeff about writing for Disney. It just so happened that I had watched a few episodes of his show when I had been channel surfing and came across a show that looked somewhat furry with transformations and such. He said he liked to include a lot of transformations, but the Disney execs wanted him to tone it down some. Well, until they heard back that kids really liked it and it helped improve story flow. Then they wanted him to put in a bunch. The party finally broke up around 3 a.m.

Dinner at the Melting Pot. Going out for a nice meal at a con is a wonderful tradition. quentincoyote has his Morimoto's, and now we have fondue. A group of 13 of us headed over to the restaurant on Sunday afternoon and had a 3 hour 4-course fondue dinner. I would have to say that it was a great success. We're already planning on doing something similar at FC next year. In attendance was:
carol_kitty, albear, dexter_fox, czar_wolfhound, scruff_e_coyote, kaysho, hunterkitty, tigrekat, zotcoon, the_cyber_bear, and Puma Cheyenne.

Fursuiting. I wore Sabot this con. I attended one panel on fursuit performance but ended up just sitting in the audience. Of course I did the parade. I also went into McDonalds with Kitty when she went to get a drink. I almost caused an accident on the street out in front as a car stopped to check me out. I got some fun pics taken with Hunter Kitty in the hotel fitness room.

Art. I didn't expect to pick up any artwork at the con, but ended up bringing home a few nice things. I got con badges done by Werepuppy, Terrie Smith, Brian Wear, and Dark Wolf. I met Thomas Dye who does the Newshounds online comic. We yerfed for a bit and he did a sketch in the book I bought from him.

So I give Califur 1 a claw up. I had a fun time and enjoyed myself. I made a few new friends and it gave me ideas in planning my own con. It provided a few topics for LJ posts in the coming days. And now.....


Statik terrorizing the con with a 40

Fursuiting the dealer's den

All kinds of shit in the dealer's den

Serious bear fitness

Bear and puppy

Singlespeed enjoying a refreshing beverage

Badges! Badges! Badges! Badges!

Werepuppy con badge

Terrie Smith con badge

Dark Wolf con badge

Brian Wear con badge

Thomas Dye sketch
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