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The lows and the highs

Bleh. I'm at home today. I had been fighting a small cold most of the week and last night the symptoms turned more flu like. I decided to take the day off and just get some rest. I'm feeling a lot better, but still a little light-headed and weak. I also had an unpleasant surprise in the garden last night. There were 6-7 nice cucumber seedlings when I watered on Wednesday. Last night they were all gone. Goddamnit! And I had covered them with chicken wire too. *sigh* I still don't know if the culprit is a bird or a rodent. Maybe I need to set up photo suveillance again.

I did have some good news last night. I had a package waiting for me. Yay! I have been hearing from jugularjaguar how much fun it is to be a feline. So I thought I would try it myself.

And because it seems like quasiskunk also has a lot of fun

If you can't smell them, join them!

I think I'll have some fun at AC this year ;o)
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