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Fursuiting: It's good for what ails you

I got up yesterday feeling much better than I dd on Friday. I guess 10 hours of sleep can really help knock out a cold. I still wasn't 100%, but ready, willing, and able to help out faelad with his film project. He has been shooting independent films around ABQ for awhile now. He jumped at the chance to have a fursuiter perform in one of his productions. So while I'm still waiting for Baz Luhrman to give me a call, I was more than happy to lend my talents to a local artist.

We met in the Nob Hill area (trendy area to the E. of the U.) around 10 and filmed on one of the side streets. It's going to be a typical independent avant-garde type film. I was dressed as Nevada. There were probably about a dozen people helping out. There were some great shots including me pushing Faelad's wonderful little boy, Ray, down the street in a stroller. The group also got to witness "The Fursuiter Effect." You put on a fursuit and start walking down the street and soon everybody is honking and waving at you and running to find cameras to get a picture with you.

We broke for lunch at the Flying Star and just talked. I was very happy to talk to more artistic people. I would really like to be able to break into the community somehow and be able to offer my talents to them. The star of the show, aviatrix, was a super-nice person. She seemed really jazzed about having a fursuiter available for future performances. It was also nice to be among a group of people that didn't mind getting/giving hugs. It was also the first time I have heard a non-fur use the term "mundane" to talk about the general public.

I have been saying to myself for years that I needed to balance my life with art. I was always the practical and analytical type. While I could appreciate art and music, I felt like I needed to be a part of it. But how? I played piano as a child, but I knew I didn't have the heart to continue. I also did a little acting as a child, but it was just something I never pursued. But now that I have discovered my niche as a fursuiter, that seems to be changing. I can finally unleash that creativity. Perhaps that's why I may seem like I go overboard sometimes when it comes to suiting. Once the flame of passion is lit, it takes a lot to put it out. I also think that's why my Kitty and I get along so well. We are balancing forces on each other. She has noticed that she is not the angsty performer anymore because I am a grounding force. And I no longer have my feet buried in the ground because she helps to set my creativity free.

But I digress.
We decided to do some shooting in downtown after lunch. There are some life-like bronze statues that made for wonderful props. We also shot in Civic Plaza until a creepy homeless guy started shouting threats to the bear. There should be some wonderful shots of all of the humans inside of a cage while a bear walks along the outside smacking a riding crop across his paw.

All in all it was a great day. I'm hoping this could really be the start of something. I'll have to let everyone know how the final project turns out. I believe the film festival is in August.
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