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I have been having a lot of fun with my catsuit lately. I really enjoy slipping it on in the evenings and wearing it around the house. I have been happy to show it off to folks on webcam. It's nice to hear that even though I don't have a very sexy body (IMO), I do have a shapely one. I just like the way it hides the imperfections of my skin. I have a lot of small scars from years of hiking around mountains and deserts. I like the way it feels like a second skin.

I have been introduced into the world of Zentai. I had no idea there was a whole fetish built around complete enclosure by material. I guess that shouldn't surprise me, right? We had that discussion that pretty much anything can be turned into a fetish. Once I was directed to a website this one, all I could think of was, "Murrrrr!" I originally thought that zentai was the form of theater that uses these suits, but I guess it refers to the kink instead. I always thought that type of performance was great when I was a kid. It used to be the staple of variety shows on t.v. Objects would seem to magically float across the stage, but it was actually being carried by someone in a full body suit that was the exact same color as the background. That would be neat to do. Maybe I should start my own Cirque du Solei.
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