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Garden update

Just a boring post about vegetables, and I'm not talking about George Bush ;oP

The garden is coming along nicely. I lost 1 tomato plant, so I am down to 7. They are flowering, but still no fruit. I noticed little red bugs on Sunday. Gah! Aphids! I nuked them once with bug spray and I will coat the leaves in soapy water tonight. The zucchini plant wants to take over. It got huge very quickly. I saw a squash starting to form! Yay! The pepper plants are all flowering and banana peppers are forming. It looks like I'll have a pretty decent crop this year. The corn and string beans are coming along in the upper garden. They're big enough now I don't have to worry about quail. I was surprised to see my acorn squash doing so well. It was at the far end and I was afraid it wouldn't get enough water. The watermelon plants got hit hard by the quail. They're just hanging on, but doG bless them, they're trying to flower, even with just a couple of leaves on the plant. I hope the carrots make a recovery. The quail mowed down their leaves to just green stems. That's about it. I nuked some ant mounds with diazanon last night. I really hate ants. Little bitey bastards.
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