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Oh noes! Teh Dr@ma!

I try to hold back drama like the gates of Minas Tirith, but every once in awhile the flaming wolf head breaks through. Boy. That was nerdy ;oP

Yesterday was a roller coaster. First, Kitty and I had a major blow up because moving stress completely overtook her. I could sense that things were going south and I just wanted her to think things out rationally. After a few hours she settled down and all was good again. Yeah, It's love. She puts up with my occasional blow ups and I put up with hers. We know that harsh words will not sting so much the following day after a good night's sleep and time to think things out. I love her.

Later that night I received a phone call from my mom. She decided to take me up on my request to have her house-sit for me while we're at AC. Last time she did this was while I was at FC '04 and she had a miserable time. This time I told her to bring a friend. Her friend jumped at the chance. So that will be wonderful (as long as her friend doesn't break a leg or something *rolls eyes*).

The bad part was that my sister keeps stirring the drama pot. It's obviously a raging case of sibling rivalry. She told my mom that I was just using her to get free house-sitting. Ummmmm, well, I asked my mom if she would like to do this. I didn't force her nor lay any guilt trip on her. I simply asked. I think my mom needs to get out of the house. She needs a change in scenery from time to time. I have even asked if she wanted to move to ABQ so that she would be closer to both me and my sister. This would be a good opportunity for her to see if she would like to do that.

I guess disagreements between siblings is nothing new. It goes all the way back to Cain and Abel. I guess she's feeling that old favorite, "Mom loves you more!" Yes, this shit happens even when you're in your 40's. I always tried to be the good son and please my folks. She was the rebel who wanted to do things her own way. I was there for all of the family stuff while she disappeared into her own little world. We've somewhat switched roles now in that she has re-discovered the need for family while I have branched to spend time with my furry family. Perhaps it's just a lack of understanding what all of this craziness is about. I don't know, but it pisses me off that she talks smack about me.

There seems to be this thing about siblings especially on my father's side. I never found out about my dad's aunts and uncles because it sounded like they were never close. My own aunts and uncles grew old and bitter in their later years. I don't want that to happen, but it just seems like it's not worth the bullshit. I can't handle the smoke. I can't handle being around a stupid drunk. I can't handle the guilt trips about our father. I hope she has finally found love which will end the long string of loser boyfriends.
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