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Decent Proposal

I love those weekends that seem like they lasted forever, but it was only 2 days. I felt like I had been away from the office on vacation when in fact I had left at my usual time on Friday and was back at my usual time this morning.

I flew to LA on Friday evening and was met at LAX by my Kitty. We drove up to Valley and had a wonderful dinner at The Bear Pit with albear, dexter_fox, kaysho, kayotae, and shadowolf. The Bear Pit is a BBQ place that Al had written about last week. The decor was nice, but I have had much better BBQ. After dinner we headed over to The Domain where Al, Dex, Kitty and I crashed.

The next day was the SoCal Fur-B-Q. It was a beautiful day! We arrived a little late to the Orange County Park. We grilled up burgers and stuffed ourselves. A group of us headed over to the zoo and had a fun time. Al and I were very happy since we got to watch the black bears yiff! The female was not quite in the mood, however, so Nacho was denied! The mountain lions were nice and active and there was a rumor that the foxes had been yiffing just prior to our arrival. Should that come as a surprise?

When we got back to the picnic area I gathered all of Kitty and my friends around. I got down on my knee, put a ring on her finger, and asked her if she would be my wife. She agreed! I thought a big furry gathering would be the perfect place to propose. It has been done at a con before, but never at a Fur-B-Q. We haven't set a definitive date yet, but we're working on October in Vegas. Of course you will all be invited. It might be a good dry run for a future con.

After the Fur-B-Q we drove to El Tapayac(sp) in East LA for our traditional humungo burrito. Yesterday we drove 12.5 hours to get back to ABQ, and now Kitty is officially mine and I am her's. It will take awhile for everything to settle down. We're both pretty spazzy at the moment. We have to get things ready for our own furmeet next weekend. If you're a New Mexico fur, more details will be posted to our Yahoo group.
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