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"Batman Begins"--The Review

We had a nice little furmeet today at the theater. Myself, Kitty, feralmuse, litnapalm, ari_foxy, mr_silvers, Nightrider, and Laziewolf all went out to see "Batman Begins" and then hit the Evergreen Chinese Buffet afterward. I have to agree with all of the other people that have reviewed the movie. It was quite good. The plot was tight and there were few plot holes like in "WotW." It also strengthened my view that Gary Oldman is one of the best actors in the business. That guy is amazing! About my only complaint with the movie is that the fight scenes were typical Hollywood fast cuts. I get dizzy watching a cut every second, always in a dark environment so that you can't really see the action, just bodies and punches flying.

I find it amusing how afraid people are of bats. I have been in many a mineshaft where there were clouds of bats like in the movie. It's an awesome experience to have them whizz past your face. Once in a while you get the occasional one whose echo locater is off a little and it flies into your face or hair, but those are the rare ones.
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