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Too political?!?

I need an honest opinion from my LJ friends. I recently submitted my skit to the AC Masquerade head for approval. I waited until the last minute which was my bad, but it's a tough thing lining up props and performers. I got an email saying my skit idea was rejected. Why? It wasn't pornographic. What was the deal?!? The reason given was that it was too political. The skit involved a person supposedly from Something Awful berating furries for being freaks. In the end it turned out the goon was a closet furry. It would have been set to the song "In the Flesh" by Pink Floyd from "The Wall." In the movie scene Pink thinks, in a drug-induced state, he's a nazi-like character who controls the concert crowd with all of his star power. He has his goons round up anyone who is not too his liking.

I will attach a copy of my script which I had submitted. I would like your frank and honest opinion. Would you have liked to have a seen a skit like this, or is it inappropriate? If you think it is a stupid idea, please tell me. It is a little tough if you are not familiar with the original song, but I'm looking for input on the broad concept.

"Something Awfully Furry"

[Start music: Pink Floyd's "In the Flesh" from "The Wall"

I walk on stage wearing a black hooded robe carrying a banner with the
Something Awful hand grenade logo. Attach banner to table/podium. ]


"So you thought you would like to go to the con

To feel the hugs and scritches, does that make you feel warm?

Well I've got news for all you weirdos out there

The goon squad is here to make fun of your lives

We'll troll your Live Journals and post in our forums

And show the whole world how pathetic you are!

Are there any bats in the audience here tonight?

Get him up against the wall"

[Sonar the Bat comes on stage and stands behind me looking nervous]

"And that wolf over there, he don't look right to me

Get him up against the wall"

[Ralph Wolf comes on stage and stands with Sonar]

"And that one's a jaguar"

{Baku comes on stage]

"And that one's a coon!"

[Growlcoon comes on stage]

"Who let these furries into the room?!?

There's a chipmunk with stripes"

[Bouncer Chipmunk comes on stage]

"And a cheetah with spots!"

{Singlespeed Cheetah comes on stage]

"If it was up to me, I'd have all of you shot!"

[makes grand gesture with hand and a plushie comes flying out. Picks up
plushie and starts to talk to it. Fursuiters on stage look puzzled at the
action and slowly start to approach and encircle me. I stutter that I am
not a furry like them and that I just like cartoons because they are funny
etc. I am eventually surrounded and Sonar extends his wings concealing me
and the other fursuiters who are trying to pull off the robe. Just before
the music ends I stand up now wearing a Tigger suit. I shrug and walk over
to the banner. On the last beat of the song I flip the banner over to
reveal the "Furry Forever" symbol.
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