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Basalt's first gig

First, thanks for all of the comments to the previous post. I guess I was a bit to edgy for AC. I will take all suggestions into consideration especially with parodying SA's hand grenade with something like a stick of dynamite. Maybe I should re-submit my skit as a re-creation of the Sibe/Munchie phone call. That wouldn't be controversial at all! ;oP

In other news today was the debut performance of Basalt. tenax invited me to perform with him down in Socorro for their big 4th of July picnic. We suited up just before 11 and lasted past 1:30. Temperatures were probably in the 90's by the time we called it quits. Basalt was a nice suit to perform in. It breathed very well although the head was a bit stuffy. It also marked the 1st time I actually performed in front of my mother. She's in town to watch the house while Kitty and I are at AC. She brought a friend along so they can keep each other company and go sightseeing together. I had put on Sabot once for her. She couldn't understand why her son would do that! What is this "furry stuff" all about? By the end of today, I think she got a little better understanding on why I fursuit. She saw all of the happy kids and watched me dancing around to the music that was playing at the time. The only reason Tenax and I quit when we did was because my mom and her friend started to get over-heated, even in the shade. We called it quits and Tenax was kind enough to treat us all to lunch.

This will most likely be my last post until AC or well after it. To those that are going, I will see you there! To those not going, I hope you will get your chance very soon! *hugs and kisses to all*

Oh! I almost forgot. PICTURES!


My mom's friend, Basalt, my mom,Skitzycat

Mom's friend, Ralph, Basalt, and mom

Nope. Not a lot of mental health here

Very thirsty bear!
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