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I'm winding down after a very nice Saturday. I am feeling slightly detached from the con right now which is not necessarily a bad thing. I am feeling very furry but at the same time not furry at all. I don't really give a shit about most of the con programming and such, yet I'm still having a great time with my close friends.

I put on my very first panel today! I was completely shocked and amazed to have just over 30 people attend. We had a very good discussion on the when's and how's of fursuiting outside of a con. There was a wide range of experience and lots of good input. I was very pleased how it turned out. I would definitely do it at another con if asked.

The Masquerade was tonight. I went in reeking of sour grapes. I will not hold back. I was pissed the entire time. I could not think of a skit I would rate as very high like with the possible exception of Runtt's "Angry Wah" which was unique and funny. I'm still doing a slow burn about my skit being rejected. I know I am being petty and small, but it still hurts that my skit was rejected.

I was able to get my copy of TNMT #4 signed by Peter Laird today. It means so much to me! It was the very first independent b&w comic I bought back in 1985. From that comic I discovered "Albedo." From that I discovered "Usagi Yojimbo." From that I discovered "Critters" and "Space Ark" and "Captain Jack" etc etc.

Well, I am off to get my drink on. I feel the need to get toasted and enjoy the con on my own terms.
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