Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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"...and then I was chased by C.H.U.D.'s"

And there is my little "Simpsons" reference from the famous "Simpsons in NY" episode. It signals our departure from NYC later today. We are killing time at the hotel until check-out time.

There was more drama yesterday, but thankfully quentincoyote and freakylynx were there to mitigate and help salvage the evening. A big "THANK YOU!" to rapidtrabbit who got Kitty and me into the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free! We had an awesome time looking at great works of art. I will make a post about it specifically once I get the pictures uploaded.

And welcome to all of the wonderful people that added me after the con. I hope you enjoy the ramblings of this goofy bear.
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