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Some thoughts on AC

Life is finally returning to normal. I have finally caught up on my personal email and am making headway on my work mailbox as well. I thought it would be a good time to post my reflections about Anthrocon. Of course the views I express are my own.

It was a very nice con. It was great to see so many old friends and to make new ones. That, to me, is the core of a convention. Someone (probably berin) told me a few years ago that it was the people that made a con worth attending. At the time I could not understand that concept. Why would you go to a Weird Al concert right in the middle of AC?!? You might miss 2's rant or Kage's Story Hour! You might miss tha Masquerade or the Funday Pawpet Show! That's why you're going to the con, right?! I have now discovered on my own that those things don't make the con. They are nice, but not necessary to make the con a truly memorable experience.

I shocked myself at this con in that I only went into the art show once and didn't place a bid on a single thing. That was a first. While I liked a few pieces, there was no desire to pursue them. I was also aware of my space limitations of both my suitcase and wall space. I fursuited a few times, but the most fun I had was the "guerrilla fursuiting" event I put together on Sunday. That was the highlight of the con for me. I was able to give a few suiters a taste of what it's like to suit outside of a con. It was a marvelous time and several awesome pictures came out of the event. It was hot. I almost didn't make it myself, but all of the sweat was well worth it.

I have a few thoughts about AC. This was the 1st year where attendance did not grow from last year. That's a bad sign. Only the hotel moved, not the city. Would you believe I actually heard that a few furs showed up at the Adam's Mark?!? I fear it will be even worse next year when the con moves across the state. I think the con has hit a plateau. I have heard rumblings over the past couple of years that the con has gotten too big. I think that not only has the con got too big, but so has the ego of the chairman. I have nothing against Kage at all. I think he has undertaken a Herculean task. I do think, however, that there is a "cult of personality" thing growing. That's not a good thing. If you want an example of what can happen, just look at what happened to Confurence. I have seen too many examples at the cons where it is "Kage wants to do it, so it will happen." He wanted to keep a nice PG rating, yet there he was on the stage at the art auction using the phrase "cock sucker." I think there needs to be some new blood brought in from top to bottom. This is why Kitty and I have been batting around the idea of starting a furmeet/con. We both would like to see total openness and creativity bound only by the rule of law. If it's legal, let it happen!

The con of 2005 seemed quite different from the con of 2003. Perhaps my views of the fandom have matured and changed, but is seemed like there was a whole lot less going on this year. That's not necessarily a bad thing. As I just wrote, it's the people that make the con, not the programming. I see cons like FC growing for the next few years. There are very few bad things written/said about that con. I see the same thing for MFM because it is a nice friendly con and MFF because it is in a nice location and has a small con feel.

And since I will call this my official con report, I will post a few pics.

Guerrilla Fursuiting!

Al Bear, the Okapi, Zigzag, and Sabot

Sabot, Johnny Blanco, Al Bear, and Czar Wolfhound

Erf, Sabot, and Joey Leafrunner

Kitty and Kitsune

Kitty and suiters

Sabot, Husker Fox, and Mister F

Sabot and the awesomely cute hedgehog

Al Bear vanquished by the Empire!

Pavlov and Pyrophin or is that Pyrophin and Pavlov?

And now the picture you have all been waiting for.....Jugular and his secret love of raccoons!
Say it isn't so, JJ!

Oh, and by the way....Kitty and I found a very interesting sign at the Central Park Zoo. It looks like Runtt can't be too much of an angry wah...
You ARE related!!
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