Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Furry Hospitality

What a nice weekend. No big doings, just nice and quiet spending it with friends both old and new. On Friday night I met up with lupine_fox and his son. They had been touring New Mexico and were back in ABQ for their flight out the next morning. We had met oh-so-briefly at AC, so now it was time to sit down and have a nice relaxed conversation to start to get to know one another. It was great to meet another greymuzzle who found the fandom late in life and is now experiencing the joy of being able to express oneself more openly.

When people come in from out of town I try to take them to one of two restaurants, Gardunos or Sadies. If we're close to Old Town I might take them to Garcia's. To me these are local restaurants that best exemplify the local tastes of New Mexico. Garduno's is expanding out and I believe they are now near Phoenix and Las Vegas. Sadie's used to be in a nearby bowling alley and is now a huge restaurant with waiting lines a common sight. I took Lupine Fox to Garduno's on Friday because I had plans to take nonamecub to Sadies's on Saturday. He was traveling from OK to Vegas to visit cubstatik and needed some crash space. He arrived Saturday afternoon and we just sat and yerfed until tenax came up from Socorro to join us for dinner. We all had a nice early dinner (there was a line even at 5), and then we returned to Fur Central to get our drink on and play a couple of games of Apples to Apples. It was nice playing out on the covered patio as a thunderstorm passed overhead. Poor Anubis was huddled under the table as thunder rumbled in the distance. On Sunday morning both Noname and my Kitty took off heading west. They would split at Kingman AZ as Noname headed towards Vegas and my Kitty headed towards LA. Hopefully she will get her house all cleaned out and moved and be back in my paws by next Sunday. I shall occupy my alone time this week by either getting online and chatting, reading "Half-blood Prince," or playing Katamari. Damnit! It's addicting!

Albuturkey '05 update:
I'll take this opportunity to once again extend a paw to any fur out there who has no place to go for Thanksgiving or just can't stand to be around their family. So far I have about 7 furs coming to Fur Central for the holiday. We will be wall-to-wall, but if want to come on out, let me know. There will be a holiday parade on the following Friday and I would love to get a group of fursuiters together to march. We did it in 2003 and had a blast!
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