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Around the office

Had a most interesting morning around the office.
First, a ex co-worker who now works for a different agency stopped by for a meeting. It was the first time he had seen me with my collar. He asked what it signified. Without skipping a beat I said, "Oh! I'm a furry!" He just nodded and joked about putting a leash on me. I told him that was a little too B&D for me.

In our monthly division meeting I won the humorous "Most Outrageous Act of the Month" award for wearing my raccoon tail last week.

While going to lunch, my randy co-worker nearly wrecked the car rubber necking at some college babe. He exclaimed, "Whoa! Did you check her out!" I shrugged. He was in shock. "Dude! When I guy doesn't notice something like that, the only explanation is that he's been downloading way too much porn from the Net!" I grinned. Right! That's the ONLY explanation *rolls eyes*
The rumor mill was also cranking full bore at lunch. I just found out that my supervisor is leaving. On the one hand, I'm really not sorry she's going. It seems like she only had negative things to say to me. On the other hand, she's "family" so she may have let me get away with a lot of shit in the name of diversity. *shrugs* I just can't tell. I could end up with some Mormon who would think I am Hell's spawn for dressing up like an animal.
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