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"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:" Book v. Movies

Kitty had checked out "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" from the local library after we had seen the movie. It is due this Friday and I was going to return it to the library for her since she's still in SoCal for a few more days. I started reading it during my lunch hour and easily finished it on the bus ride home. It's a very easy read. "Half-Blood Prince" it is not. With all of the hoopla over the Tim Burton version being "more like the book," I can now honestly say......maybe.

Things the new version got right:
The prince that wanted the chocolate castle
The discovery of the Ooomps Loompas
The great pink candy ship
A much better glass elevator
The Oompa Loompa songs
Having Veruca fall victim to squirrels, not geese.
Showing the bad children as they're leaving the factory

Both versions covered the basic plot of the book quite well, however, both movies showed only one parent accompanying the child (except Charlie) which is different from the book. I give credit to the old movie in giving mention to the lickable wallpaper and fizzy lifting drinks. The movie devotes whole scenes to both but they are just mentioned in passing in the book. The Wonkamobile in the 1st movie is not in the book. On the other paw, Grandpa Joe never worked for Wonka as portrayed in the 2nd movie.

The overall tone of the latest movie seems wrong. I saw nothing dark about Wonka in the book. I think Gene Wilder's portrayal was more accurate. He was like a child himself who warned you not to do something but egged you on to do it so that he could laugh at you when you did. Think about "A Christmas Story" and sticking your tongue to a frozen flagpole. Johnny Depp seemed more sinister. He wanted to see the children miserable since he had such a rotten childhood. It shows up very clearly in the end when he gives Charlie the factory but refuses to let his family come along.

OK. It's a kids book. They are family movies. I am being over-analytical. I should enjoy them for what they are, and I do.
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