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Yay! Another Work Rant

Ah yes. My boss has been in fine form over the past week. I have actually thought about checking out some new jobs. The other hydrologist is thinking about the same. We're just getting fed up with management that can't make a decision and stick with it. We're also sick of her making decisions based on no real data or sense and then making us implement the policies. When things go south, guess who takes the blame?

We both got out of the office yesterday to drive down to Socorro to check out some pumps. Would you believe that we irrigate the Rio Grande? That's right, boys and girls. Your tax dollars are being spent to run pumps to bring water from a drainage ditch and put it in the Rio Grande to keep the endangered silvery minnow alive. Over the years the Rio Grande has built up so much sediment that it is actually higher than some of the surrounding area. The drainage ditch is now the lowest point, so ground water flows from the river into the ditch causing the river to dry. We're only supposed to pump enough to let the Fish and Wildlife Service get in there and rescue the minnows. Well, management can't make up its mind what it wants to do. I am supposed to be in charge of the pumping program, but anything I say or do is rejected or any decisions that are supposed to be made come directly from my boss, so basically I am "in charge" of nothing.

I had a wonderful moment about a year ago that keeps popping into my head. Another manager was freaking out because the river was drying. We were also getting pressure to cut back our release of water for the fish. Yes, boys and girls, your tax dollars are also spent on buying water in the reservoirs to release to keep the river flowing for the stupid little fish. (Note: The government doesn't really OWN the water we store. We simply manage it for others. So if we need water, we have to buy it) There needed to be a decision made as to whether or not to cut flows. While the manager chased his tail, I said we should go ahead and cut because even though the flows would be low, they would still be at an acceptable level. He looked at me and said, "Would you stake your job on that?" Without blinking I said, "Certainly." I don't think that was the answer he was looking for. He chickened out and we didn't make the cut. Yeah. It's nice to be wanted and your opinion valued {/sarcasm}
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