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Sendoff for a hero

Last week a psycho s.o.b. went on a killing spree here in Albuquerque. He shot to death 3 innocent people. The police were called to his house by a relative saying that he was dangerous and needed to be taken in. When the police arrived he shot and killed the 2 officers. Unfortunately, or fortunately however you view this, he was taken alive and arrested. I got caught in traffic by the 1st funeral procession on Tuesday. A few minutes ago the funeral procession for the 2nd officer just passed in front of the office. I missed the first few minutes but in the time I was out there I counted 407 police and fire vehicles representing every local, state, county, and federal law enforcement agency in the region. It took well over 30 minutes for the somber parade to pass. I had overheard some officers at a Subway yesterday saying that the 1st funeral procession was so long that it had reached the cemetery across town before the last car had even left the church. It was quite a sendoff for heroes who died in the line of duty.
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