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"The Arisitocrats"---review

OH MY FUCKING GOD! This is the funniest movie I have ever seen! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard in a theater. Take the world's biggest names in comedy today, yesterday, and before you were born and have them all describe a single joke and every aspect of it with all sorts of tangents. But the joke is no ordinary joke. It is the filthiest joke ever developed. The beginning is always the same..."A man walks into a talent agency...." and the punchline is always the same..."The Aristocrats!" What happens in between is complete improvisation. The improvisation, however, should deal with urine, feces, blood, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia, sperm, menstrual blood, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, clowns, balloons, and possibly the skull of Jesus.

The theater had put up special notices at the ticket counter warning people of the crude content. They check all id's to make sure everyone was over 18. There was an usher stationed at the theater door to do another id check to prevent theater hopping. I have heard of people walking out after being offended. No one walked out of this showing. In fact the little old ladies and gentlemen in the front told the usher they laughed the whole time. So if you're over 17, go see this movie if you are not easily offended. You will wet your pants.

A rabbi walks into a bar with a frog on his shoulder. The bartender goes,"Hey! Where did you get that thing." The frog goes, "Brooklyn! The place is crawling with 'em."
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