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Fursuiting with Koshari

Kitty and I had a very busy Saturday. Wildlife West was having their bear appreciation day. Less than a month ago the park got its first black bear. This event was to show off Koshari, Navajo for clown, as well as raise a little more money to help feed and care for him. I was asked to fursuit as Sabot, and you know I could not say no. It was a small event and much of it was held indoors, so I didn't suit for very long. The brief time I was in suit, however, was priceless!

I approached Koshari's habitat and started looking for him. When he saw me he ran towards the window and then up a tree. He gave me a "WTF?!?" look and decided to come on down. He came right up to the window and began sniffing furiously. I put my muzzle and paws on the glass and he started licking and biting the glass where my paws were. Soon he was flopped on his back supporting himself with one paw on the protective metal bars. He was swatting at my muzzle and paws with great blows to the glass. It was such a wonderful feeling being 1/2 inch from such a wonderful creature.

Oh....and of course there were pictures!

Hi there! You come here often, big boy?"

Nose bites!

Stopping to smell the flowers after my "date"
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