Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Expecting the worst

I had a real sense of dread last night as I was watching CNN. The reporters were just getting back before dark and had started to give their assessments on what they had seen. I got a chill as I listened to one female reporter start to talk about the devastation in Mississippi when her voice cracked. She went on, but you could tell that she was just barely holding back her emotion. There was another report from New Orleans and you could hear the anxiety in the newsman's voice. There were reports of 20-30' storm surges. There are 1st hand reports of "walls of water." That sounded eerily like the tsunami last year. The death toll will probably not be "catastrophic," but I can easily imagine that this hurricane will equal that of Camille. You might have seen the famous news broadcast from Camille in '69. There was a woman standing on a foundation calmly saying that her house was gone. She then spots it in ruins across the street and shrieks in terror. I fear there will be more stories like that in the days to come.
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