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I was listening to "Democracy Now" yesterday. You know it's the show I love to hate. It's a very lefty/liberal show that is usually good for a few laughs. They did not disappoint. They were talking about Hurricane Katrina. They made a comment that just made me want to go, "WTF?!?" It went something like this:

"Hurricane Katrina has struck the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, some of the poorest states in America. It is believed that the hurricane will most negatively impact the poor of the area which is largely African-American."


What the f*ck does race have to do with anything in the middle of a disaster?!?! Am I supposed to care less or more now?!? Jesus H Christ! Why even bring the point up? Maybe you should also get on the news and say that there is lots of looting going on and the majority of the thieves are African-American. Yeah. That would go over really good. *facepaws*

They then brought on a person who discussed the environmental impacts of the storm. He made some good points that the levees and canals are a major reason why the flooding is so catastrophic. He'll get no argument from me. As a hydrologist/geomorphologist I know that messing around with natural river systems is a bad thing. I was agreeing with the scientist on the radio that the system should be restored to a more natural system and that coastal development should be curtailed, but then the spin started. He started talking about how oil and gas production would be impacted by the flooding. Then came the points about how we rely on fossil fuels too much. Then global warming came up. Yadda yadda yadda. It went from a focused discussion about how the Gulf Coast should be rebuilt to a discussion about the evil oil industry.

The final speaker was a Native American environmental consultant. I had to shut the radio off after about 5 minutes. He was up in Minneapolis and went on and on and on about how sacred the Mississippi River was and not much else. There was almost no content to his speech and each sentence contained at least 2 "you knows." Gah! I hate it when people are asked to speak and they don't have a clue how to effectively communicate.

You might remember a few weeks ago I did a post about the end of the world. How would you react to a situation where the whole world crumbled around you. I think we are seeing exactly what I had written about on a small scale. How can you function when you don't have electricity and water and you might not for days or even weeks? You put your trust in the system to take care of you (like the people in the Superdome did) and the system starts to break down. I would not be surprised if some sort of riot doesn't break out at the Super Dome. You pack 30,000 into a small area with no sanitation, food, water, and most importantly, information, and yes, you will have an angry mob on your hands. What we are seeing now is what is common knowledge during a major disaster. During the 1st 24-48 hours, you are on your own to survive. After that the relief should come streaming in. My heart really goes out to the folks in the effected area. This is an event that will take years to recover from, if ever. Several people wrote in their LJ's before the storm hit that they will miss New Orleans or were mad that they would never get to see New Orleans. I laughed. The city will not be wiped off the map. I'm not so sure now.
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