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Don't believe the bullshit!

I have spent most of tonight watching the news coming out of New Orleans. I heard the head of FEMA talking about how there was a plan and that it was exercised and that this is far worse. To that I say a very loud, "BULLSHIT!" I have been a part of several EAP (Emergency Action Plan) exercises through my tenure with the USBR. We mainly plan for massive failures of our dams. You ALWAYS assume the worst case scenario. You might have a dam failure and someone will throw in an anthrax scare just to keep things interesting. In the case of New Orleans, you saw in my last post that a "worst-case" scenario was known by private industry (and government) 5 years ago. Why the hell wasn't the city/state prepared?!? Well, I betcha a certain little war in Iraq and massive budget cuts had something to do with it. This is inexcusable! There should have been troops and supplies rolling into the area on Monday evening. Shrubya and his cronies dropped the ball on this one. He fiddled in Crawford while the Big Easy burned. In these types of scenarios 24 hours is the difference between life and death. The administration waited too long to get the ball rolling. This whole scenario is going to go downhilll very quickly. There will be riots in less than 48 hours unless a MASSIVE relief effort is made. What I saw on the news tonight shocked and angered me. This is almost as bad as Indonesia. Heads are gonna roll!
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