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MFM Con report

I got back from MFM last night after an uneventful trip back from Memphis. I must say that overall it was a good con. It was a little bit of a rollercoaster ride as well. On Thursday I left ABQ and there was a certain anxiety hanging in the air. With long lines at the gas stations, news coming out of New Orleans, and a fear that the Holiday Inn would be filled with evacuees, I felt very uneasy. This was made worse by the airport shuttle taking forever to come and pick me (and bradhound who had arrived at about the same time) up from the terminal. I was relieved to learn that I did in fact have a room. I quickly hooked up with my roommates, quentincoyote, berin, and merashallen and then it was off to Sam's Club for alcoholic goodness. After dinner at the famous Catfish Shack, the partying started.

I didn't buy much at the con. I picked up a copy of the latest "Suburban Jungle" book since my cameo appearance was in it. I picked up a few items in the charity auction which I will give away as gifts. I didn't buy a single piece of artwork nor spend more than a couple of minutes in Artist Alley. I just wasn't in the mood at this con. I hardly went out to eat. The only restaurant I visited was the one in the hotel, the aforementioned Catfish Shack and Rallyburger. That's it.

I fursuited for 5 hours on Friday. That was fun. I nearly killed a couple of people in the musical chairs segment of the fursuit games. I sucked much ass in the hoola hoop pass, but I had a mean serve in fursuit volleyball. I had a part in sonicblu's Masquerade skit. I wore my spandex skunksuit for that. I was a bit self-conscious about doing that since I wasn't sure how a slinkysuit would be on stage. Sonic needed a skunk, however, and so I helped him out. It went over pretty good.

My room parties were pretty lackluster. I still had a case of bitch-beer leftover by Monday. I guess most people preferred the hard stuff that Meras had bought. It was fun to have the (in)famous Fredryk Phox stop by for a drink. I'm not quite sure if he was on anything else *lol*. The Sunday party pretty much moved over to Meras' other room. It was really quite dead all over the hotel by midnight.

So....all-in-all, it was nice to see members of my furry family again, but there were times that I just felt alone and like an outcast. It's nothing new at cons. I usually hit that wall at some point, but it just seemed to be a little more pronounced at this con. I tend to get it more at east coast cons as opposed to west coast. I guess I am more of an honorary SoCal fur. At most times I was able to just curl up with a book for an hour or 2 and then I would be ready to get out there and have fun again.

It was awesome to see tilt_longtail in action. He is one of the best fursuiters out there. I was also amazed at the energy of Santa Fox. I hope I get to meet him at another con. It was also nice to meet a few new furs like evilwolfy, murasadramon, and huscoon.

On a TMI note, this was probably one of the yiffiest cons I have ever been to. I am such a slut, but I hope I put a smile on several people's faces. It was good for me ;o)
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