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MFM pictures

I thought I would share a few pics I snapped at MFM last weekend. I must have been having too much fun because I took only about a dozen pics. Here are a few of the best.

Oh, and BTW, here's my 2 cents about posting pics in your LJ. If the picture is blurry or dark or you already had one or several other pics of the same thing, for the love of doG, will you please be selective!!! Plus, pretty much everyone has a digital camera. If you took a picture that sucked, TAKE ANOTHER ONE! It's not like you're wasting film! This is especially true when someone is taking a picture of their fursuit. If the picture sucks, retake it or just don't post it! Wow. This was supposed to have been a nice friendly post and it turned into a rant. Sowwy! ;oP

And now....on to the pics!

bradhound and wildfox34

tygercowboy walks away from an overly cheerful quasiskunk

animecat shows off her sexxeh Hellcat suit

tygercowboy gets pounced by Hellcat, much to the amusement of tonyringtail

Hellcat gets fresh!

jugularjaguar lets aragornwolf wear his new "fursuit." TP Wolf!
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