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Joining the Revolution

I posted a few months back that I was introduced to XM satellite radio since Kitty's new car came equipped with it. It was a lifesaver as we drove across the Mojave and through the wilds of northern AZ. Last week I saw that Costco had a complete portable set with home and car antennas, various interface cables, mounting brackets, and power supplies. All of this for under $80. So I bought it. Kitty signed me up with her plan so we got a price break. Our weekend trip to Zuni was filled with uninterrupted music. I found myself turning on the radio a lot more at home yesterday as well. I brought the receiver to work today to see if it would work at my desk since I'm a good 20' from the nearest window. Bingo! It worked! This was a major break for me since there is so much electrical interference in this office that I can pick up only the strongest FM stations clearly. So now I can rock out with all of my alternative favorites.
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