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Catching up

It took a Herculean effort but I caught up with LJ. How dare they send me out into the field on Friday! I was supposed to kick back and read LJ and shit. *LOL* Actually, it was a great trip up to Chama. The trees are starting to change color up there. It won't be long until Fall migrates a little more to the south. Someone should show Mother Nature a calendar, however. It was still close to 90 over the weekend and one degree away from the record. It'll probably be like Summer this year. It was nice and cool until *BAM* HOT! The meeting in Chama went pretty good. It was to discuss how to account for an artesian (free flowing) well that was discharging into one of our ditches. The farmer then pumps from our ditch. Hopefully we're talking about minuscule volumes. The owner will install measuring devices and I'll look at the data in a year or so.

On Saturday it was middle-class day. Kitty and I went to Cost Plus World Market and loaded up on several bottles of wine. I also found a wonderful selection of olives for my martinis. Not only did they have blue cheese stuffed olives but feta stuffed and almond stuffed as well. Murrrrrr. AND they were on sale! Whoot! Kitty also picked up a sake set so we can enjoy warm sake the next time she makes sushi. We then headed over to a small Asian market to get some light soy sauce for my stir fry recipes. It was there that fate smiled on us. Kitty noticed a flyer for the annual Japanese Autumn Festival that was going to be held the next day! We now had something to do on Sunday.

On Sunday we went to the festival which was held in the courtyard of an office building complex. They seriously need a new venue. There were people everywhere! It was hard to get around and the food vendors started running out of food. I did manage to snag a teriyaki chicken bowl (without veggies since they ran out) and some spam sushi which was pretty good. It was nice to see Kitty all happy that she was able to hang with her peeps. Hopefully she will get involved in the local Japanese-American groups and maybe next year I will be able to fursuit the event as a G-rated tanuki.
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