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Baklava, Boyz, Bombs, and Bears

My, oh my! What a wonderful weekend! Things started off on a low note as Kitty and I hit up the local Greek festival. I had heard about it for years but never went. Once I found out it was only a few blocks from my office, we decided to go right after I got off from work. Warning sign #1: They charged admission just to get in. Warning sign #2: Just after we paid I overheard 2 women that were leaving make a comment, "Boy! That was a waste of four bucks!" Yup. Twas a waste. There were only a few vendors selling junk. The main draw was tasty food, but it was over-priced. We were early so there was no entertainment. We decided to cut our losses and buy some stuffed grape leaves, some spinach pie, and an assortment of desserts to take home. Now we can say, "Been there. Done that." If we want good Mediterranean food we can go to our usual place, Yasmine's.

We returned to Fur Central and ate. Soon afterwards ari_foxy and jeil_kitty showed up for a nice relaxing evening of talking and snuggling. I introduced them to the wonders of spandex snuggles as I modeled my skunk suit for them. We then sat around and watched "Firefly" since neither of them had seen it but wanted to get a feel for it before seeing "Serenity."

On Saturday Kitty and I drove down to the Trinity Site. I was a bit shocked as we drove right up to the gate. The last time I did it I sat in a line for about an hour. We zipped right down to the parking lot. There were a lot of people already there. I introduced myself to the public affairs staff and they were all totally jazzed about having a fursuiter there. I suited up and started toward ground zero. I was immediately set upon by people wanting pics. The weather was warm and sunny and I was offered a ride to the monument in a golf cart that was used to transport senior citizens/handicapped people the quarter-mile to ground zero. Once at the monument marking the location of the blast site I was asked for lots of pictures. A reporter for the Army was grateful I was there since he now had a picture to use for his story about the open house. I was also photographed by some journalism students from Arizona State U. that were doing a story about the site. After about an hour I started to overheat a bit, so we headed back. We said our good-byes to the public affairs staff and headed out.

It was just after noon, so rather than head home we pushed on to town of Capitan, home of Smokey Bear. There is a little museum there that has exhibits telling the story of Smokey and the history of forest fire fighting. Smokey was found as a cub in the forest outside of Capitan in the 40's. He lived out his life at the National Zoo but the museum grounds became his final resting place. I asked the museum manager if I could fursuit and she agreed. Kitty took photos while I wandered around the museum and grounds. I left my info with the museum person since she was interested in having me back next year for when the town holds its Smokey Bear Days. Whoot!

We then drove down to the ski town of Ruidoso about 20 miles away. They were supposedly having some sort of festival going on, but we never found it. The town might be like Park City UT in that the main street is not the main highway or it might be like Big Bear CA in that there is no real downtown. *shrugs* At least it was a pretty drive. I then decided to take some back roads home since we were in no big hurry. It was nice to see several herds of proghorn antelope along the road. We got back into town and had dinner at the "ghetto" Golden Corral. It wasn't that bad, but Hometown Buffet is a little nicer.

Oh.....and of course there were PICTURES!

Radioactive bear!

Is the needle supposed to be in the red?!?

Fat Man and fat bear

Look what I found! A snack!"

At the Smokey Bear Museum

I'll get you out of there!

Only you....can take a pic with a cute kid

Paying my respects

Don't worry, little fella! I'll get ya down!

My friends seem a bit wooden
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